How Can An Employee Clock In/Out using RepairDesk iOS App?

With RepairDesk's Employee Clock In/ Clock Out feature, your employees will get to clock in and clock via RepairDesk iOS App. It is a fast and reliable time-keeping tool enabling you to compute how many hours did an employee worked. 

Clock In/ Out functionality in RepairDesk's iOS App enables you to synchronize data with our Web App. Clock In/ Out Logs will enable you to view Employee Time-sheet, Compute Working Hours and Calculate Payroll. 

This feature allows your employees to:
1. Clock In: Clock in via RepairDesk iOS App 
2. Clock Out: Update when you are clocking out
3. Start/ End Break: Employees can mention when they started and ended a break. 

With the help of the above, employee working hours can be computed from the time they clocked in to the time they clocked out, along with noting down their break periods. 

How to Use Clock In/ Out Feature? 

To start your shift, tap the Clock In button on the Technician Dashboard Screen

You will be taken to a screen from where you can clock out of the system or start a break. To start a break, tap the Stat Break button.  

Once a break has started, you can see the option to end a break. To notify that you have taken your break, tap the End Break button on the screen. 

Once done, you will be taken to the second screen where you can see the option to either start another break or clock out. Tap Clock Out to notify that your shift has ended and you're clocking out. 

Q. How to view employee time-sheet?
A. Clock In/ Out data is synchronized with RepairDesk's Web App.
1. Login to RepairDesk and click on Settings Drop-down Menu.
2. From the Menu select Clock In/ Out.
3. From the pop-up screen, click on View Timesheet to view a record of when employees clocked in or out.  

Q. How is payroll calculated?
A. Data from iOS App is synced with RepairDesk's Web App. 
Employee Payroll is calculated by multiplying an employee's Hourly Rate by the number of hours the employee has worked. Working Hours are calculated by the difference between the time when the employee clocked in into the system and when he/ she clocked out.   
To know more about how employee payroll is calculated and to set Hourly Rate, please click here

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