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How can I add and manage Network Carriers?

While creating a ticket you often need to enter network carrier under device details. RepairDesk allows you to select network carrier on details page from a drop down menu. You might be wondering "But where can I add these network carriers and manage them?" Let us show you how! 

View All Networks

1. Got to Settings.
2. Click on Module Configuration.
3. Select View All Networks from the menu. 
4. You will be taken to a page where all networks would be listed. 

Manage Networks

On the mange networks page, all network carrier would be listed with their name and logo. 

Search Filter

To search for a particular network from the list, click on Search Filter. Enter network name and hit Search button to display results.

Add a Network

To add a new network, simply click on Add Item button. On the new page, enter network carrier name and upload it's logo in JPG format. Once done, click on Create to add network. 

Edit/ Delete a network

To edit or delete a network from the list, click on Action button against the particular network and select Edit to change its name or logo and Delete to remove network from the list. 

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