DYMO Label Writer 450 Setup

Ticket labels are greatly beneficial for tracking customer phones. Instead of guessing which cell phone belongs to which customer, you can print ticket labels and paste them on customer cell phones or other digital devices. All you have to do is scan the ticket label and voila! All the relevant information will appear on RepairDesk. 

DYMO Label Writer 450

However, ticket labels due to their small size and special paper cannot be printed on ordinary printers. To print labels, RepairDesk suggests DYMO Label Writer 450 printer to our customers.

Learn how to setup DYMO label writer 450 with RepairDesk On Windows PC

Learn how to setup DYMO label writer 450 with RepairDesk On MAC

DYMO Label writer 450 Printer Setup 

Setting up DYMO Label Writer Printer is super easy! Let us show you how!

Install Printer Driver

The first step for setting up DYMO Label Writer printer is to install its relevant driver. To install the driver, please visit this link and click on Download

Once driver is installed, connect the printer to your system and proceed with installation. 

Setting up paper size

Another important step is to configure the right paper size in printer settings and RepairDesk. If you select the wrong paper size, chances are that either the print would be aligned to one side or cut in half. Therefore, it is necessary to select the right paper size

Recommended Paper Size

A. Setting up paper size in printer settings

1. On your computer system, go to Settings and select Devices.

2. Once printer is successfully installed, it will show up under devices. Open DYMO Label Writer 450 and click on Manage

3. Now select Preferences.

4. Click on Advanced.

5. From the Paper Size drop-down menu, select the right paper size. The suggested paper size is 30336 1 in x 2 - 1/8 in. This roughly converts to about 25.4 mm x 53.97 mm. 

Note: Please select the paper size mentioned on the paper roll which is specifically recommended for DYMO Label Writer 450 printer. The size we have suggested is the minimum size. Paper size should not be less than that.  

6. Finally, click on OK to save settings. 

B. Setting paper size in RepairDesk. 

Once you have set up paper size in hardware settings, please proceed to set paper size in RepairDesk. 

Log in to RepairDesk and, 

1. Head to Settings.

2. Open Module Configuration

3. Select Label Size 

4. Here you must set paper size accordingly: 

If paper size height is 1 inch and width 2.1/8 inch then, 
RepairDesk Label Setting should be: width: 54 mm; height:  28 mm  

Note: For these measurements, DYMO Label Writer paper size in printer settings would be 30336. 

If paper size height is 1.5 inch and width 3.5 inch then,
RepairDesk Label Setting should be: width:  88 mm; height:  38 mm 

Note:  For these measurements, DYMO Label Writer paper size in printer settings would be 30321.

Finally, click on Save Changes.


Q. How can I manually print a ticket label?
A. To manually print a ticket label, you can either do so from POS or from the Ticket Section.

a) From POS:
When you create a ticket, a pop up screen will show you multiple printing option. Select Print Label

b) From Ticket section
To print a ticket label from Manage Tickets section,

1. Go to Repairs.
2. Head to Manage Tickets.
3. Against a ticket, click on the Action button and select Print Label.

4. Select Task and click on Print Label. 

5. Now you can see a print view of the ticket label. Click on the Printer Icon to proceed with printing. 

6. You can select the printer and paper size from the PDF preview. Once set, please click on Print to proceed with printing of Ticket Label. 

Q. How can I automatically print Ticket Labels?
A. RepairDesk enables its users to automatically print ticket labels. You can do by setting up Google Cloud Print or PrintNode depending upon your preference.

To know how to automatically set printing of ticket labels via Google Cloud Print please click here.

Learn more in detail about setting up automatic prints through PrintNode from here

Q. How can I customize ticket label design?
A. You can do so from Template Editor. From there select Ticket Label. Click on Action button and select Preview to view how ticket label will look after printing.

To customize ticket label design, select Edit from Action button menu. You'll be taken to template of Ticket Label from where you can modify the label according to your needs. 

You can use available tags from below. Once finished, hit Save to implement changes. 

Q. How can I print inventory labels?
A. You can print inventory labels for Accessories, Trade-Ins and Mobile Phones. If they have serialized inventory then labels are generated on the basis of their serial numbers. If items don't have serialized inventory, you can still print inventory labels on the basis of their SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) ID. 

To know how to print labels for serialized inventory check out the FAQ ' How to print bar codes for serialized items?' in this article.   

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